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New Commentaries

Guyana: Future leader or outcast?

The latest commentary, entitled: "Guyana: Future leader or outcast?", dicusses the prospects for Guyana in the global, hemispheric and regional community, if its elections held on March 2nd 2020 are deemed not credible and transparent by the many international groups that were invited to observe it.   So, far all the groups are awaiting the lawful and credible tabulation of all the votes in the election.   See Commentaries section on this website. 

New Lectures


On March 12th,2020, the day mandated by the UN to observe "International Day of Women", the OAS Permanent Council adopted its 11th Resolutuon in 21 years, resolving to address discrimination against Women in the OAS itself.   As Sir Ronald said in his presentation, " Despite all these resolutions, spanning a period of 21 years, this Organization has still not fulfilled these mandates...  A girl child born in 1999, has grown to full adulthood at ahe 21 as we in this council are still considering yet another Resolution".   See, his full statement in the "Lectures" section of this website.