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Videos of historic Rastafarian occasion at the OAS on 14 May 2018

The You Tube Video below is the historic occasion at the Permanent Delegation of the Organisation of American States (OAS) when Antigua and Barbuda led the way in aplogising for the wrongs done to the Rastafarian community of the Caribbean. It was the first time that a representavive of the Rastafarian community addressed a high-level inter-governmental body.

Another You Tube Video is the Report to the Permanent Council of the Organisation of American States on 20 April 2018 on the Antigua and Barbuda General Elections of March 21.   See video of the report on You Tube link below:


New Commentaries

A  new commentary has been added. The latest is entitled: Foreign Policy lessons from Rastafarian Resistance.  It argues that, in the conduct of their foreign relations, the Caribbean should learn from the resistance of the Rastafari community in preserving their identity and refusing to bend to absorption of European culture.  Innured in disunity and fears of betrayal in their own camp, Caribbean countries fail to ue the strenth of their unity in pushing-back against economic coercion from the powerful. The  powerful. The region is weaker for it.

Ras Franki Tafari and Sir Ron presenting on righting the ancient wrrongs against the Rastafari at the Organisation of American States on Monday, 14 May 2018