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The website has been updated to include all of Sir Ronald Sanders' recent commentaries.  The most recent is entitled, Second Citizenship is a global business.   It points out: "Last year a record 82,000 millionaires acquired a second citizenship.  The number of millionaires moving to another country jumped 28 percent in 2016 over 2015, reaching the highest level in history.  Millionaires were enticed, courted and encouraged by a number of countries, including Australia, the United States of America, Spain, Portugal, Malta and Cyprus just to name a few. This year, the number is more than likely to be higher".   And it argues: "The Caribbean has a right to a share of the feast on the global table, and not just to the crumbs that remain after others have fed themselves.  Those, who continuously condemn the CIPs, also fail to acknowledge that all the governments, including those in industrialised nations that operate these programmes - by whatever name they are called-  do so as a means of bringing revenues and investment into their countries.  Small Caribbean countries have the same motivation; they have adopted these programmes out of economic necessity".