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Did China or any other counrty dictate the Government's decsion to make Barbados a Republic?

It is unfortunate that some in the international community regard small states as inexpert, seeing them as ready objects of manipulation by big powers through either coercion or enticements.  Thus, the presence of China in the Caribbean, where it has made investments that have aided economic development, is characterised as “a means of control”, as stated by Mr. TomTugendhat. the Chair of the  Foreign Affaird Committeee of the Britsih Gouse of Commons.
Discounted altogether is that, in many Caribbean countries, China has given much needed loans and grants when others have been significant by their absence, or where, by their presence, they institute unhelpful policies of ‘black listing’ countries without consultation, or blocking much needed loans from international financial institutions on criteria that takes no account of the vulnerability of small states.

Do loans translate into coercive influence over small Caribbean states?  The answer is unreservedly no.

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