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New Commentaries

New Commentaries have been added.   The latest one entiled, Structure not ad-hoc agendas key to US-Caribbean relations,  deals with threats that the US government would cut aid to countries that do not support its positions in global affairs.  The commentary shows that most countries of the 14 Caribbean Community (CARICOM) are not vulberable to this threat, since they get less than 1% of total US aid.   Only Haiti and Jamaica are signifcant beneficiaries of US aid.  On the other hand, the CARICOM countries, except for Trinidad and Tobago, provide the US with large annual balance of trade surpluses.   In 2016, the US provided $437 Million in aid to CARICOM countries (with Haiti alone getting $376.7) while it enjoyed a balance of trade surplus in 2017 of $4.58 Billion with CARICOM countries.  Therefore, measuring the US-Caribbean relationship through an "aid" prism, is grossly misleading.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in ad-hoc meeting with Jamaica Prime Minister Andrew Holness on 7 February 2018