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EU countries and US offer Citizenship by investment programmes

Two new comentaries have been added.  One deals with the end of the US 'wet foot, dry foot' policy toward Cuban migrants and its implications.  It is entitled: "The end of 'wet foot, dry foot' - a gift to whom?".  The previous commentary considers a CBS Televsion programme '60 minutes' on Citizenship by investment Programmes in the Caribbean.  It is entitled: "Passports: Sale or Saviour".  It argues that the citizenship programmes are run by countries all over the world including the US and European nations.   The reason is the same in every case - an injection of cash in the economy for economic development.  The issue is not the merit of the programme per se but the rigour and carefullness that are applied to passport recipients.

Michelle Obama

A previous commentary is entitled, Outraged for black womanhood.   It argues that the re-instatment to her job of Pamela Ramsey Taylor, the director of a Clay County, West Virginia, non-profit who was removed from her post after she called Michelle Obama an “ape in heels” in a November Facebook post, is not only blatant racism getting a pass; it is a most disturbing endorsement of it. Worse yet, it is a savage attack on black womanhood – something to which every right-minded person anywhere in the world should respond with robust indignation.   Taylor’s crass and vulgar remark has been rewarded.  That reward opens wide the door to similar – if not worse – assaults on the dignity of black women.

Sir Ron at Televised Town Hall Meeting in Grenada November 26

Sir Ron participated in a Televised Town Hall Meeting in Grenada on Saturday Novermber 26, 2016.  Below is a recording of what he said.

Commonwealth Round Table on: What after Brexit?

For a  report by Debbie Ransome on a Commonwealth Round Table discussion on "What's next after Brexit", See:      See: Lectures section  of this website


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Sir Ronald meets former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien

On 13 September 2016, the Organisation of American States commemorated the 15th anniversary of the Inter-American Democratic Charter in the presence of three former Heads of Government from Canada, Guatemala and Peru.   As a member of "The Friends of the Democratic Charter", a group of former Heads of Government, senior diplomats and judges, headed by former US President, Jimmy Carter, Sir Ronald was pleased to meet again the former Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien at the occasion.  Photo below shows: Luis Almagro, Secretary-General of the OAS (centre) and Jean Chretien (right).

New commentaries have been added.   Please see "Commentaries" section. 

A previous comnentary looks at a meerting of the Permanent Council of the Organisation of American States held on 30 March to discuss the unfair practices that have wrongly targeted Caribbean jurisdictions as tax havens, occasioning the loss of long established correspendent relations in the US and Europe. 

Click on the URL Link below to view the entire session of the OAS Permanent Council on this issue:

 Sir Ronald Sanders, Chairing Permanent Council of the Organisation of American States  

Sir Ronald recognised by Canadian University


TORONTO, Canada -- Antigua and Barbuda diplomat, writer and academic, Sir Ronald Sanders, has been elected as a Senior Fellow at Massey College in the University of Toronto. The announcement of his election was made by the Master of Massey College, Hugh Segal.

Sir Ronald Sanders
He joins leading Canadian academics and captains of industry in the inter-disciplinary activities of Massey College, including governance, diplomacy, business and international affairs.

Sir Ronald now has the distinction of concurrently being a Senior Fellow at two Universities in different Commonwealth countries. Guyana-born Sanders is also a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London, England.

Last October, his work as an advocate for Caribbean and Commonwealth causes was recognised by the University of the West Indies when he was accorded the honour of Doctor of Letters (D. Litt) by the University’s Senate and Council.

Sir Ronald has had a career as a senior diplomat and business executive. He has held many elected international and Caribbean positions, including as a member of the Executive Board of UNESCO and Chairman of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force.

Having also served the 53-nation Commonwealth in many capacities, he is now a nominee for the post of Commonwealth Secretary-General.

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Election for the post of Commonwealth Secretary-General

Sir Ronald was a candidate for election to the post of Commonwealth Secretary-General In November 2015 at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta. View further details here.

Portrait of Sir Ronald Sanders

Sir Ronald Sanders is currently Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United States and the Organisation of American States. He is also a Senior Fellow at the University of London and University of Toronto.


Welcome to this website. I have created it in response to many requests for access to commentaries I have written, lectures I have given and interviews that have been broadcast or printed in the media on matters related to the political economy of the Caribbean and the Commonwealth.

These requests have come from university students, publications, academics, government officials and business people in many parts of the world. In the course of responding to these requests, I have been pleased to build up a network of global contacts who now receive my commentaries weekly.

From a career that encompassed broadcast and print journalism, development and commercial banking, diplomacy and international negotiations in both the public and private sectors, I am privileged to draw on wide and varied experiences to write, lecture and undertake consultancies. I have taken the greatest pleasure in receiving comments and criticism from people all over the world that the Internet has made a “village”. I have learned from many of the comments I received. They have caused me to reflect on my own thinking. Through this website, I hope to communicate regularly with all who write to me.

The website is now a permanent repository of the weekly commentaries going back several years. Anyone is free to access them here, and to cite them provided my permission is sought in advance through the “Contact me” mechanism. A few of the lectures I have given in Britain and in the Caribbean are also posted on the site in a PDF format which can be easily downloaded. Again, I would make the same request to seek my permission before citing the material.

From time to time, where it is possible, the site will also reflect consultancies that I undertake that may have an interested audience beyond the companies and organizations with which I work.

I invite responses to my writings, and inquiries about the experience and knowledge I can bring to achieving the objectives of companies and organizations that do business related to the Caribbean and the Commonwealth.

My consulting work includes: country investment advice; negotiations with governments and international organizations; structuring and implementing public affairs programmes; designing public relations and information strategies; negotiations with financial institutions and organizing and participating in seminars for interest groups such as journalists, diplomats, and specialized academics.

Kind regards

Ronald Sanders